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Brown Bag Hangers

Submitted by: I Love That Teaching Idea! Staff
From: Nibley, Utah
Date Submitted: April 12, 2001

This one makes a really nice gift from the students to a parent during the year. You can choose whichever occasion you would like. Provide each student with a brown paper lunch sack. Draw some kind of shape on the bags. For example, if it was during the autumn season, you might want to draw a pumpkin or a leaf. If it was during the winter, you may draw something like a snowman. Then have your students color or paint their object. Then have the cut it out of the sack. (If you have the sack lying flat down, they will be able to cut out two pieces at the same time.) Then proceed to stuff tissue paper between the two layers. Either glue around the edges or staple. Add a piece of wire to the top for hanging purposes. It also looks cute to have some kind of bow at the top made out of raffia, ribbon, or other material.


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