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"Thank You for Helping Me Grow!"

Submitted by: I Love That Teaching Idea! Staff
From: Nibley, Utah
Date Submitted: May 30, 2001

Before Mother's Day, I have each of my students bring in an empty, washed-out soup can. Each child then takes a sponge and lightly dips it into some white paint. Then they cover the entire can with paint. Once it is dried, I punch one hole on each side of the can with a hammer and nail. (This is where your wire handle will attach to the can.) I pre-cut hearts and flowers out of scrap material. My students can then choose what scrap of material they want to glue onto the front of their can. (I found that wood glue works the best.) We then fill the cans with fresh soil and add a flower. We finish it off by making a wire handle out of floral wire. A bow of raffia or ribbon attached to the handle adds a nice touch. My students then add a small note that reads, "Mom, Thank you for helping me grow."

These are also fun to make as larger pots, using 1 gallon tin cans. I like to make them myself for parent volunteers, room moms, and classroom aids as end-of-the-year gifts to show my appreciation. I attach a little note that reads, "Thank you for helping my students grow."


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