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Red Nose Rewards!

Submitted by: I Love That Teaching Idea! Staff
From: SLC, Utah
Date Submitted: November 24, 2001

Enlarge the downloaded patterns of "Rudolph" and the "North Pole." Color and laminate.

Take a piece of yarn the width of your classroom and hang above you. The yarn should start on one end of the room and stretch across it horizontally to attach to the other side of the classroom. One one side of the yarn, attach the sign that reads "The North Pole". On the other side, attach a blown up red balloon. This is the "red nose" that Rudolph wants to reach. The North Pole is where Rudolph starts. Attach your Rudolph to the yarn with a paper clip, or some other way that will allow the reindeer to slide along the yarn.

As students are on task, working quietly, etc., simply move the reindeer from the "North Pole" towards the "red nose.": Moving it in small increments works the best. The desired goal is to reach the nose, so as misbehavior is happening, start moving the reindeer back towards its "home." As you move it forward, say things like, "I appreciate the way ______ is working so quietly," or "I like how I saw _____ get out a book to read when she was done with her math." Students will pick up right away what is expected of them.

The best part is this: When the reindeer reaches his "red nose", pop the balloon to find a "surprise" in it. (Before tying your balloon, slip in a piece of paper with a class prize like: extra 10 minutes of recess, or class treat, or class homework pass, etc.) Keep the element of surprise just that...a prize that the kids don't know, but can't wait to find out!

Once the prize is won, simply blow up another balloon, slip in a paper with the surprise written on it, and start over again!

Click here to download the reproducible.

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