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A Twist on
"Put Your Best Foot Forward"

Submitted by: Anonymous
From: Tucson, AZ
Date Submitted: January 9, 2002

As a homeschooling parent, I loved the "shoes" idea submitted earlier, and decided to take it a little further.

(Note: Click the link to download the "Put Your Best Foot Forward" reproducible)

As additional incentive to get my daughter to try a little harder, and take that "extra step" toward accomplishment, I modified the original idea.

By starting with a list of possible goals, (determined by both teacher and student,) each new accomplishment could be followed with the child making a new shoe, perhaps a little bigger, indicating growth and progress.

Alternative idea: use hearts for Valentine's Day, or Shamrock's for St. Patrick's Day, or even little "loving cups" to allow students to create their own "awards."

Some of these goals may include: improved reading, writing, math, classroom assistance, or any favorable efforts toward improving the teamwork between students.

List the accomplished task, the child's name, and date on the shoe, and hang it up. Most PS students love to see their names and projects on the walls, too.

This may be an especially nice way to get more parents to come for Parents' Nights. All parents want to see their child's progress, at a glance.

Click here for "Put Your Best Foot Forward" Reproducible


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