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Behavior Management/Job Chart

Submitted by: Anonymous
From: Morgan City, LA
Date Submitted: January 9, 2002

As classroom teachers, we are always looking for behavior management techniques that really work. Here's one that that has worked very successfully in my elementary classroom these last couple of years.

I bought a cheap roll of tickets from a local department store. (These are like the ones used at festivals or carnivals.) I keep the roll of tickets and another container to deposit
tickets in at a designated place of my classroom.

As the days of the week go by, I look for positive behavior exhibited by students. Upon seeing such behavior, I'll call on that student to place his/her name on the back of a ticket (or 2, 3, etc.) and place it in the "drawing container."

Other students soon begin to follow the "do-gooders" behavior in hopes of getting called upon also. I continue looking for positive behavior throughout the week until the week ends.
I then pull tickets from the drawing container. The names pulled
are then designated to do odd jobs around my classroom or for the school the following week. (What a treat! Or so they think.) Students write their own names proudly on a job chart that I keep visible for all to see.


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