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The Reading Cafe...
Celebrating Dr.Seuss' Birthday!

Submitted by: I Love That Teaching Idea! Staff
From: SLC, Utah
Date Submitted: February 25, 2002

Host a "Reading Cafe" in your classroom!

Have each student create thier own apron and chef's hat with white butcher paper. Decorate these items with pictures and quotes about reading.

Set up tables in your room (or put desks into clusters) and cover with tablecloths.

Invite parents and other guests to come to the Reading Cafe!

Several weeks before the event, have students each read 2-3 picture books. (They don't necessarily need to be Dr. Seuss books) Then ask students to write 1 or 2 sentences describing the book, so that it would make readers want to "try" the book. Type student reviews of each book on the provided "menu." Students could also decorate the menu by drawing pictures all over it. Make multiple copies of the master menu and have them sitting out at each place setting.

When parents or other guests come into the classroom, have a student with a notepad in hand, greet them, take them to a seat, and then proceed to "take their order." Once the guest "orders" a book, the student goes back to where all of the books are and brings it out on a "platter." Your platter could simply be a piece of posterboard that has been cut into a circle or oval.

The student (or server!) then sits down beside the guest, and together they read the book! Of course, it's also fun to have some light refreshments provided as well!


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