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Herbivore, Carnivore, Omnivore! Game

Submitted by: Jennifer Vacca
From: Independence, MO
Date Submitted: November 4, 2002

As a culminating activity, my partner teacher and I made colorful necklaces for the students to wear. We had one human (orange sign with orange yarn), 2 omnivores (yellow sign with yellow yarn), 4 carnivores (blue sign with blue yarn) and the rest of the students were herbivores (green sign with green yarn). Each of the kids were given 5 slips of matching colored paper that was to be considered their "life." They were instructed to play this game like tag. The humans could tag/"eat" any of them, the omnivores could tag/"eat" the carnivores or herbivores. The carnivores could only eat the herbivores. The herbivores were to try to survive! If a student was tagged, they were to give up one slip of paper/"life." Once they were out of life, they were "dead" and had to sit down.

The students had a great time, while learning! It met the kinesthetic learner at his/her learning style! We even had a couple of notes from parents commenting on how this game made the whole concept come together for their child!


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