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Flash Cards - Computer Timed

Submitted by: Pat Hewitt
From: Topeka, KS
Date Submitted: March 1, 2003

Using the Power Point program our district has, I typed sight words on individual slides. The students have the opportunity to practice reading them based on the allotted time the program presents each word. Teachers can set the time under the Slide Show presentation according to need under slide transitions. I have three slide presentations with the same words; but they are titled according to Slow, Medium, and Fast speed. The 'copy' and 'save as' features make this an easy thing to do.

Next, copy the "OUTLINE" form of the file. This way the teacher can have the list on hand as the student reads the words. The teacher can focus on recording the known words & words to work on later while the student reads off the words.

As the student increases the sight word awareness, decrease the time. Students love to beat the computer. It also insures the words are sight words, and not words still being decoded.

This program can be stretched to include word phrases. (This eliminates the 'robot reader fluency' we hear from some of our struggling readers.) It helps to increase students' fluency & comprehension. It can also be stretched into the area of math. I've made several presentations for learning math facts.

Parents have requested these files sent to their home computers. Students are working with their parents at home, too. What a wonderful tool Power Point/ any other slide show presentation can be for our students!


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