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Fly Swatter Game

Submitted by: CJ O
From: Naperville, IL
Date Submitted: August 09, 2005

Divide class into two teams. Draw a huge square on the board and divide it into 9 smaller squares. Place a different number in each square. One member from each team comes to board, gets a fly swatter and faces you, the teacher, as you call out a problem. Once the problem has been called students turn around and using their fly swatter hit the correct answer. The first student to hit the correct answer wins a point for that team. You can have the winning player stay up until he loses or have two new ones come up every time. So that students don't have to compete against the same player every time have students switch seating after one full round. This is an awesome game for review. I have used it for multipication, division, subtraction, addition, money and anything else I could think of.

My students really really enjoy this game! Be sure, before the game starts, to give consequences for hitting a student with fly swatter. I did and no one ever hit anyone because they didn't want to have to stop playing the game.

Administration heard about this game through my students and came to check it out themselves. I received numerous compliments from them and others on this game. So hope you and your students enjoy this as much as my class did.

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