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20/20 VISION - The Clear Way To Focus On Classroom Community©

20/20 VISION
The Clear Way To Focus On Classroom Community

Do you have a VISION of what your class could be? Picture an ideal classroom where students work together to make their entire school experience a positive one - a classroom where students feel valued and successful despite their differences.

Learn how to:

  1. Establish unity, problem-solving and mutual respect through a class mission statement.
  2. Create a "Service Station" to incorporate service learning into your curriculum to build character and citizenship.
  3. Conduct effective class meetings using "The Concern Can", "The Compliment Can", "CHIP Trophies", and other student-empowering ideas.
  4. Ensure every child experiences success through "Peer Partners" and "Helping Hands" programs.
  5. Use a "Conflict Crew", physical & emotional layouts, and other techniques to create a nurturing environment where students feel included and safe.

Includes a 76-page Workbook with over 56 reproducible activities!!

Who should attend:

  • K-6 Educators
  • Student teachers
  • Principals and Administrators

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